Runner Hits the Wall - Bonk

Low Blood Sugar & Anti-Bonking – Figured Out

“Hitting-the-Wall”, “bonking”, or any other GI issue is ancient history when you train properly and dial-in your nutrition.

You’ve heard it all before and you’ve struggled with it for a long time. You’ve been to the doctors and maybe even been officially diagnosed as “hypoglycemic”. Well, I don’t believe it except in very VERY rare cases. 

Even if you’re not “hypoglycemic” but you’ve ever struggled with “bonking”, “hitting the wall”, “sugar-crash” or other blood sugar issues while training or just in your day-to-day life then this page and plan is for you. 

You see, I used to be the guy who had to take a gel before a 45-minute spin class. I used to need to eat before my 1-hour drive home from work or I might get shaky, light-headed, feel faint or dizzy. Is this any way to live? As an endurance athlete I was “bonking” several times per week! On one backpacking trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire I “bonked” three days in a row and on the final day I had explosive diarrhea and nearly passed out on the trail! Let me tell you, “hitting the wall” in the backcountry is no joke and can easily become a life-threatening situation. 

After that, I had to figure out my issue. I went to the doctors, got the stress tests, checked my metabolism and I was deemed to be in 100% “good” health. Seriously? The doctors were simply WRONG so I had to find my own answers.

With a lot of research and putting the RIGHT plan into practice, I completely cured myself of “bonking” in 3 months and taught my body how to be a Fat Burning Machine… and you can too!

There is no gimmick because it’s going to take work but it’ll be the easiest 3-months of program you’ve ever completed. I haven’t met a doctor yet who had this knowledge and few, if any, Personal Trainers or Endurance Coaches understand it either. I changed my life with this program about 15 years ago (and continue to reboot every year) and I can’t believe it’s still not mainstream knowledge. That’s why I’m giving it to you and here’s the kicker… you get to decide what this program will cost, if anything.

That’s right, YOU decide what changing your life and no longer being a slave to eating every 2-hours is worth to you. YOU decide what it means to you to not have to keep snacks by your bed, in your car, at your desk for fear of your blood sugar dropping too low. And for that matter, when did eating a hard candy or drinking orange juice (which is really just sugar water) become a “healthy” remedy? Seriously?!?!

Because I believe so much in this program and the fact that I know it works, I am implementing the Honor System for payment. When I solved my bonking and low blood sugar issues years ago, with no help from my doctors, I would have gladly paid more than $500. The price you pay is 100% up to you. You decide if and when you want to pay me before, during or after you’ve completed the program. I believe that when something is of true value then people are happy to pay for it. It’s kinda like those restaurants popping up where you decide how much you want to pay for a meal. Let’s give it a try, together, and see how it works and how gracious humanity can be.


Note: This program is not medical advice or claim any cure for disease. We highly recommend you consult with your doctor before starting any fitness or nutritional program.

If you’re ready for the program just let me know by using the contact form below and I’ll send you the .pdf document straight-away. Yes, it’s true, this is not an “instant” download because like all of my coaching, I want to be sure I am here for you personally. While we may not have any interaction other than me manually sending you the plan I want to still be sure 1) It is something you’re truly interested in and 2) I can still support you in the future, if need be.

Since I have no Newsletter or other communications to speak of you need not worry about any spam. However, I may send you a personal note to simply follow-up and see how you’re doing. Sound good? Complete the form below and I can’t wait to help you change your life for the better.