Coach Kevin IMFL Finish
Coach Kevin Strauss finishing his first Ironman Triathlon.

Coach Kevin Strauss


Specializing in Triathletes, Runners, Endurance Athletes & Non-Athletes

Are you ready to get healthy & fit the right way? If you’re truly committed then I’ll commit to you.

At Tri TMI Coaching I’ll guide you through everything you need to know from starting to exercise for the very first time to finishing an Ironman Triathlon.

Your Foundation Is Built On “TMI” – Too Much Information

  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Gear
  • Training Programs
  • Injury Prevention (I’m injury-free for 19 years!)
  • Weight Loss & Gain
  • Mental & Emotional Health and Life Balance

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Have you ever struggled with hypoglycemia, “bonking”, or Hitting-the-Wall?

There’s a safer and easier way to train your body to be a Fat Burning Machine and it has nothing to do with your diet. I’ll change your life in as little as 12-weeks!


I’ll be your biggest fan! My sole purpose is to help you reach your goals. I’m here to listen and guide you. To work with you starting from wherever you are today. No athlete’s plan or journey is the same but EVERY athlete needs and deserves 100% support from their coach. That’s my promise to you!


“Ever since the initial inquiry, Coach Kevin has been a prompt and effective communicator.”

– Athlete Pam W.



Tri TMI Coach-Athlete Relationship Matters


swim-bike-run endurance


Endurance Coaching

I’ll guide you through everything you need to know but nobody ever talks about and has to learn on their own like:
  • What to do if you’re having a mid-run GI attack.
  • How to protect your undercarriage on the bike.
  • What really happens in the water at a triathlon, and more!

We’re going to do this right and you’ve already made the first step.

Wellness - Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit


Wellness Consulting

There’s more to reaching your race goals than just fitness and nutrition. The more wholistic your approach to training and life the greater chance you have for success.

Weaved seamlessly throughout Coach Kevin’s approach to training, including subtle and definitive techniques, are tools to support your Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health.

When combined, you have a plethora of tools at your disposal.

Family Love and Support


Emotional Health Expert

It’s likely you’ve never paid much attention to Emotional Health (not to be confused with Emotional Intelligence) but Coach Kevin has been studying it for nearly 20 years.

A person’s behaviors are driven more by their state of Emotional Health than anything else, including Mental Health (yes, there’s a difference). 

With Coach Kevin’s expertise, he’ll help nurture your Emotional Health which provides the fuel to keep going when the going gets tough… and it will.


Nick Testimonial CloseUp


Athlete Nick P.

“Kevin has been my coach for close to a full year and it’s been the best decision I’ve made as an athlete. Overall, he has given me the confidence and boost I need to push myself every week consistently.”

Wendy Testimonial CloseUp


Athlete Wendy G.

“Kevin, thank you so much for being so patient with me. I haven’t been on a bike in 30 years and you helped me conquer all of my nerves and concerns.”

Shannon Testimonial CloseUp


Athlete Shannon W.

There’s nothing like having the support and a ‘pit crew’ for a big race. Thanks Kevin, you’re quite a motivator and cheerleader!”

Brandon Testimonial CloseUp


Athlete Brandon M.

“You never know what can happen in an epic ALL day/night hike and you gave me the confidence and support to reach my goal.”