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Ron Kaufman

Kevin has been my coach for close to a full year and it’s been the best decision I’ve made as an athlete. Overall, he has given me the confidence and boost I need to push myself every week consistently. This comes from the race experience he has from numerous races and many years as a Triathlete. If I’m ever feeling uncertain about training, if I ever have any issues with my race gear, or if I even have a meltdown and start to burnout, Kevin is there everyday to help me get through it and learn what to expect and gain knowledge for how to handle every situation I’m going to come across. This includes everything from what chaffing to expect, what diet/nutrition I’ll need, how much I can push myself and a monthly schedule of every workout I’ll ever need to do (including rest days). His daily support is on top of his one-on-one training in the pool, perfecting my stroke and body position and the unstoppable attention, making sure I’m exactly where I want to be in my training and I’ll reach the goals I’ve set for myself. After 8 months of training with Kevin as my coach, I’m incredibly happy to say I’ve reached my goals and surpassed where I could even imagine I’d be in the water, on the bike, and off the bike into a run. I couldn’t find a better coach! Thanks for everything you’ve done! 🙂 

Nick P.


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Athlete Reviews

I can’t believe what a wealth of information you have about endurance sports. I think I’ll be picking your brain forever!


Catherine R.

Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and information, but did not overwhelm me as a first time runner. He gave me great advice about debilitating shin splints that allowed me to get back on track with my training plan. He gave me patient guidance as a first timer and I successfully completed my first half marathon! Thanks for everything!


Tory P.

Longer Athlete Reviews

As a will-be first time triathlete I decided to seek out the support of a coach. I was fortunate enough to find TRI TMI Coaching in my search. Ever since the initial inquiry, Kevin has been a prompt and effective communicator. In one month I have learned a plethora of priceless information from Kevin. With this information I have gone from being intimidated and worried about my ability to complete my upcoming triathlon to confident and self-assured.
Best of all, Kevin has shared his knowledge on how to run, bike, and swim safely while avoiding injury. As a result of consulting with Kevin, my pain, muscle tightness, sciatica, and paresthesia stemming from spinal stenosis have, all but disappeared. I have saved hundreds of dollars and gained back several hours that would have had to be dedicated to physical therapy, without Kevin’s valuable guidance.
I enthusiastically recommend Coach K to any person seeking Triathlon advice and coaching!


Pam W.

Too much information (TMI) is right. I believe in the case of Tri TMI Coaching too much information is necessary; from bowel movements, to menstrual cycles, how your body functions, I believe, plays a big part in your success in extreme sports challenges.

I started a new health and wellness lifestyle last October, which has really improved my physical abilities, more specifically my endurance when running! One morning, while having one of my now enjoyable runs, I decided, “Why not do a Half-Marathon?” I knew I wanted to do it in July, and I also knew that according to the regular training guidelines, that was not enough time to train. I knew that I needed professional advice on preparing for the half-marathon in order to do it safely. At this point, I was averaging at 3 miles, never ever attempted to run long distance. On June 16th, I reached out to trainers on the LinkedIn group ‘Personal Trainers’ and Kevin responded immediately and offered to train me virtually and prepare me for this first time physical challenge.

Kevin sent me a training schedule and instructions on how to prepare for a safe and successful run. He had everything from diet to avoiding injury. He also explained the importance of good nutrition and hydration; specifically that hydration is important before, during and after the run. He explained the importance of supplementing electrolytes. I had never heard of muscle rolling until I met Kevin, now I can get a daily ‘sports massage’ in my own home using my foam roller. I learned that I can roll my lateral quad and IT band to prevent or get rid of knee discomfort, which is a major issue in long distance running.
The best part about training with Kevin was the daily reporting and updating of my status and how my body was doing. Each day I would send a report of my run and explain what challenges I faced, or successes I accomplished. Using these reports Kevin would advise me on what to do to make the next training day better, all with the goal of getting me to the safe and successful completion of my first ever half-marathon. Kevin was also flexible given my busy schedule as a mommy of two and wife, and he adjusted my training accordingly with the scheduling challenges that arose. 

Thanks to Kevin Strauss’s knowledgeable, patient and detailed training, I successfully completed my first ever half marathon on Sunday, July 19th, and I did not have any injuries!!! We are now planning on making these half-marathons a monthly challenge.


Joan M.

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Coach Kevin provides an overload of knowledge and training experience. As can be inferred from the name of his coaching business, he shares Too Much Information. You probably won’t want to hear everything. However, I found that almost all of the tidbits, even the surprising or weird ones, did help in some way during my training and race experience.

He provides incredible amounts of support, making sure that as you train, you are working not only to improve at swimming, biking, and running but also to manage things like time, nutrition, hydration, recovery, and mental health.  He dedicates significant time to helping his athletes achieve their best—I received tons of motivational
emails with tips on training form or race management.  Even when I was overwhelmed by multiple weeks of work travel and a mishmash of injuries, Kevin helped me figure out what I should do when in order to keep working toward my goal.  While the training volume was significantly more than I’d ever attempted before, he ensured that the schedule was manageable, incorporated sufficient variety to keep things interesting, and held me accountable.

Through constant encouragement and feedback, he works to instill confidence in his athletes.  He helped me practice multiple aspects of my race courses, both Columbia and Eagleman, before the events to make sure that I knew exactly what to expect and had a very good feel for how well I might be able to do, how to manage each race, and where I might be able to push myself. 

From my race day experience with my first Half Ironman, I had many successes that I can attribute to Kevin’s coaching:  I finished my race 30 minutes under my original goal time.  I executed my nutrition, hydration, & temperature management so well that I never got tired, hungry, or hot during a race when many other athletes were flagging in the midday heat.  Best of all, the day after the race, I wasn’t crawling up and down stairs (as would be typical for me post-race)!

Overall, working with Kevin has been a great experience, and I would 
DEFINITELY work with him again on my next endurance goal.

Amanda G.

One year ago, upon the completion of my very first triathlon (Olympic distance), I told my best friend that people who do Ironman races must be crazy.  Six months later, I had signed up for an IM and began searching for a coach to help me achieve a crazy goal…couch to IM in 6 months time.  That’s when I met Kevin, and I don’t know that there could have been a better coach for me.  Kevin was incredible as he walked me through EVERYTHING I needed to know.  From our initial conversation (which lasted two hours) through the IM, Kevin was there for me, helping me with my form, preparation, nutrition, and race strategy.  He provided valuable insight, accountability, and is a strong communicator.  Knowing that I had to follow up with him on a daily basis helped me complete my workouts on those days when I was less than motivated.

My first bike ride under Kevin’s coaching was 13 miles at 10.5 mph.  My first run was 3.1 miles.  In less than three months later, I finished my first half-Ironman (Eagleman) in 7:00.  For the IM, my goal was to finish.  Kevin encouraged me to expand my goals and helped me more clearly define my goals…get to race day ready to race, finish in 15:24:00 (1/2IM time x 2.2), and enjoy the journey & race.  Not only did I get through 3,000+ miles of training without a single injury, I absolutely loved the race (smiling in every photo), and finished my first IM in 12:57:53 and in the top 50% of all racers.
Thank you Kevin for your dedication to me and my goal of completing Ironman Chattanooga.

Casey D.